New Acquisition

02/10/2012 21:06

I just nabbed this sweet watch last night for an amazingly low price.  I thought I'd have to put up a fight, but, surprisingly, few buyers appeared to realize its rarity.  I've only seen this model once before, in the possession of a fellow collector.  He had it labeled as a President, but I am unaware of any support for that ID.  On the other hand, the early, large rectangular models did tend to be Presidents.  I'll likely just keep it as an Unknown until proof comes along.  I wasn't able to get all the details on it (why won't sellers answer questions?), but I believe it dates to circa 1926.  The seller's description included an American Standard case signature, so that's a good indication of an authentic, early Bulova. Hopefully, I'm not in for any surprises.  Can't wait till it arrives!