Date:           Unknown

Dial:            Sherco, 17 Jewels

Movement:  Hebe, Swiss, 17 Jewels, Unadjusted

Case:           Master USA, Stainless Back


NOTES:  On a watch discussion site, I found this quote, which was purportedly written by the current owner of what was once known as the Sherco Watch Co.:  "Sherco Watch Co. was started in 1946 by a gentleman named Irving Sherman. They contracted with other companies for all their watch parts. Most of the cases & dials were manufactured in the US, & most of the movements were 17 jewel Swiss. They were shipped here to Sansom St. where they were assembled under the Sherco Watch Co. name. The company name was later changed to Associated Diamond Brokers, where they diversified more into the wholesale jewelry business."

Photo Gallery: Sherco