1959 Sales Book

Notes:  The following images were taken from a large, hard-bound book of  color advertisements, apparently intended for a Bulova salesman to show to prospective retailers (see image below).  In the back, the book includes a foldout, black cloth covered palet for, presumably, displaying actual watches.  The book has a copyright date of 1959.  The book is too large to capture each page in full, so I have instead captured an image of each watch presented.  The material is presented here in approximately the same order it appears in the book.




Models referenced:  Sea King, Goddess of Time, First Lady, Dolly Madison, Debutante, Golden Goddess, Golden Treasure, American Girl, Ballerina, Rubaiyat, President, Royal Clipper, Bulova 23, Craftsman, Ambassador, Sun Clipper, Jaguar, Golden Eagle, Lady Bulova, Sungold, Princeton, Senator, Miss Liberty, Princess Royal, Marquise, La Petite, Beau Brummell