Description:  1940 Lone Eagle

Model Name

Lone Eagle

Case Date


Case Serial


Signature Locations

Inside case, movement, dial

Case Signature Format

"Bulova, New York"


10AX, 17 Jewels, no adjustments indicated, USA

Movement Date Code


Case Material Description

10K Rolled Gold Plate Bezel (yellow)

Stainless Back

Case Dimensions

37.3mm lug to lug x 24.9mm without crown

(29.3mm without lugs)

Case Type

Snap back, tonneau, raised bezel

Crystal Specifications

23.9mm x 17.9mm (G-S MT346-23)

Other Details


NOTES:   This style is the sixth known model in the LE series, which started in 1927.   The currently available ads for the LE "A" variant appear to distinguish it from the version without the "A" designation by the stainless steel back.  Other ads for this version of the LE, which do not include the "A" variant designation, do not reference the stainless back.   The existence of the "A" variant may indicate the existence of additional variants, e.g., "B", "C", etc.  We currently have no information about any other possible variants, so we do not know the precise name for this black-dialed version.  I have two of this model with the black dial in my collection, and I have seen one other elsewhere.  They could all three be re-dials, but I doubt that very much.


The litmus test for this model LE should, in my opinion, be the date and style of the watch, taken in conjunction with the jewel count, case measurements, and crystal specifications.  The crystal for this model has been identified as only belonging to the Lone Eagle.   There is a contemporaneous Ambassador that looks a great deal like this model, but it has a larger case, takes a different crystal, and has 21 jewels rather than 17.


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1940 Lone Eagle