Description:  1942 Attorney

Model Name


Case Date


Case Serial


Signature Locations

Inside case, movement, dial

Case Signature Format

"Bulova, New York"


10AX, 17 Jewels, no adjustments indicated

Movement Date Code


Case Material Description

14K Rolled Gold Plate Bezel

Stainless back

Case Dimensions

38.8mm lug to lug x 25.5mm without crown

(38.1mm without lug ends)

Case Type

Snap back, tonneau

Crystal Specifications

23.7mm x 19.9mm (G-S CMT346-14)

Other Details


NOTES:  There were at least five very similar cases shown in the advertisements between 1941 and 1943, i.e., the:  1) Attorney, 2) Brewster, 3) Emporer, 4) Galahad, and 5) Jefferson.  While at first glance the five models appear to be the same, careful study of the ads indicates differences in case design and jewel count.  I have what I believe to be four of the five modes--Attorney, Brewster, Galahad, and Jefferson--and I have what appears to be the Brewster in both red and yellow gold, though the available ads only show the Brewster in red gold.  In comparing those four models, the Attorney case is the same size as the Jefferson, and they are noticeably longer than the Brewster and Galahad.  The Galahad crystal is slightly wider than the other three.    The ads show the basic features of each of the five known models as follows:


  1. 1941, 1942, 1943 Attorney - pink or yellow gold (though typically today only seen in pink), unengraved bezel, 17 jewels, three larger "steps" on lugs
  2. 1941, 1942, 1943 Brewster - pink gold (but, interestingly, typically seen today only in yellow--so, a different model for which we don't yet have an ad?), unengraved bezel, 17 jewels, four evenly sized "steps" on lugs
  3. 1941 Galahad - yellow gold, engraved bezel, 21 jewels, four evenly sized "steps" on lugs
  4. 1942 Emporer - yellow gold, unengraved bezel, jewel count not advertised, four evenly sized "steps" on lugs
  5. 1943 Jefferson - yellow gold, unengraved bezel, 21 jewels, three larger "steps" on lugs


Note also that G-S Crystal Catalog 1948 lists both the Attorney and the Emporer as taking the same crystal (G-S CMT346-14).  According to my calculations, the Attorney, Brewster, and Jefferson all take the same crystal, which means that four of the five models take the same crystal, even though their cases are of differing overall dimensions.  The Galahad takes a wider crystal.

1942 Attorney