Description:  1934 Lone Eagle

Model Name

Lone Eagle

Case Date


Case Serial


Signature Locations

Outside case, movement, dial

Case Signature Format



10AN, 17 Jewels, Adjusted

Movement Date Code


Case Material Description

10K Rolled Gold Plate (two-tone yellow and white)

Case Dimensions

36.5mm lug to lug x 25mm without crown

(29.5mm without lugs)

Case Type

Single hinged, rectangular with steps

Crystal Specifications

23.5mm x 15.2mm, rectangular

(GS X940 23.6x15.2 or BB X2352 23.5x15.2 or Perfit C236/1 23.6x15.4 or Fulton 3-236A 23.6x15.4)

Other Details


NOTES:  This is the fifth known model in the Lone Eagle series.  Recently discovered advertisements have shown this model to have been offered with several variations, including a case in white, yellow or two-tone gold, an engraved or unengraved case, and a numbered or indexed dial.  This example combines the two-tone, unengraved case with the fully-numbered dial.  The case is white gold on the back and sides, including all of the outside step, while the top of the case, including the top of the lugs and first two steps, are yellow gold.


The serial number on this watch is the sometimes seen 6-digit version (as opposed to the usual 7-digits) and is not being relied upon as a date indicator.  Evidence is mounting to show that there was a period in the 1930s when serial numbers had only six digits and did not include the first digit date indicator.  There may be a correlation between this change in the case serial number and the unusual case signatures that we see during this same time period.  More will be written on this issue soon.


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1934 Lone Eagle