Description: 1935 Physician Duo Dial

Model Name

Physicial or Duo Dial ?

Case Date

1931 ?

Case Serial


Signature Locations

Outside case, movement, dial

Case Signature Format

"Bulova Quality"


13AB, 17 Jewels, Unadjusted

Movement Date Code


Movement Serial 749553

Case Material Description

None indicated (white gold filled or plated)

Case Dimensions

40mm x 23mm without crown

Case Type

Snap back, rectangular with steps

Crystal Specifications

27.9mm x 15.7mm, convex (G-S Y925)

Other Details


NOTES:  This a very rare and valuable model, and I'm pleased to finally own it.  There are a couple of odd things about this example, however.  Namely, the serial number is only six digits instead of the usual seven.  Therefore, I'm not sure that it is reliable as a dating mechanism.  The leading "1" of the serial would indicate 1931, as opposed to the 1935 date of the movement.  A movement swap seems unlikely due to the rarity of the movement.  So, I think it is just a non-conforming serial number, the reason for which is unknown.  Another oddity is the serial number on the movement.  I believe this is the latest movement I have seen with a serial number, by several years.  There is very little information available regarding the 13AB movement, but what little there is confirms the 1935 date. 


The hands on this example were changed at some point.  Hopefully, I'll be able to correct that.  I have not seen an advertisement for this model, although a very similar one is shown in the "Complete Price Guide to Watches" (excerpt below).   A matching crystal listing was found in G-S Catalog No. 43, listed for Bulova, but no model name was supplied.

1935 Physician - Duo Dial